Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Dr.-Ing. Lisa Carius

Lisa Carius

Scientific Associate

Institute for Automation Engineering (IFAT)
Laboratory for Systems Theory and Automatic Control
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
39106 Magdeburg, Germany


G28 - 310


(+49) 0391-67 57160


(+49) 0391-67 11191


Research Interests

  • Process engineering of biotechnological processes
  • Model-based concepts for process control, optimization and analysis
  • Global control concepts, self-learning strategies
  • Decision Support for Uncertain Processes
  • Control concepts for systems biological investigations
  • Design of online sensors
  • Current Projects and Collaborations

    • Model-based, autonomous strategies for variable and uncertain biotechnological production processes (MAPO)
    • Control strategies for identification and control of critical or instable states of biological systems
    • Combining dynamic and stoichiometric modeling methods for the development of new model predictive control concepts


    Books and Volumes

    [1] L. Carius. Control and Model-Based Analysis of Microaerobic Processes using Rhodospirillum rubrum as Model Organism. Number 6 in Contributions in Systems Theory and Automatic Control, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg. Shaker Verlag, 2016.

    Journals Articles and Book Chapters (all peer reviewed)

    [5] L. Carius, P. Rumschinski, T. Faulwasser, D. Flockerzi, H. Grammel, and R. Findeisen. Model-based derivation, analysis and control of unstable microaerobic steady-states—considering rhodospirillum rubrum as an example. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 111(4):734--747, 2014.
    [4] L. Carius, A. B. Carius, M. McIntosh, and H. Grammel. Quorum sensing influences growth and photosynthetic membrane production in high-cell-density cultivations of rhodospirillum rubrum. BMC microbiology, 13(1):189, 2013.
    [3] L. Carius, O. Hädicke, and H. Grammel. Stepwise reduction of the culture redox potential allows the analysis of microaerobic metabolism and photosynthetic membrane synthesis in rhodospirillum rubrum. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 110(2):573--585, 2013.
    [2] L. Zeiger and H. Grammel. Model-based high cell density cultivation of rhodospirillum rubrum under respiratory dark conditions. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 105(4):729--739, 2010.
    [1] M. Gurumurthy, C. H. Tan, R. Ng, L. Zeiger, J. Lau, J. Lee, A. Dey, R. Philp, Q. Li, T. M. Lim, et al. Nucleophosmin interacts with hexim1 and regulates rna polymerase ii transcription. Journal of molecular biology, 378(2):302--317, 2008.

    Proceedings (peer reviewed)

    [7] S. Duvigneau, R. Dürr, L. Kranert, A. Wilisch-Neumann, L. Carius, R. Findeisen, and A. Kienle. Hybrid cybernetic modeling of the microbial production of polyhydroxyalkanoates using two carbon sources. 50:1969--1974, 2021. 31st European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering. [ DOI ]
    [6] B. Morabito, J. Pohlodek, J. Matschek, A. Savchenko, L. Carius, and R. Findeisen. Towards risk-aware machine learning supported model predictive control and open-loop optimization for repetitive processes. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 54(6):321--328, 2021. 7th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control NMPC 2021. [ DOI | http ]
    [5] J. Pohlodek, A. Rose, B. Morabito, L. Carius, and R. Findeisen. Data-driven Metabolic Network Reduction for Multiple Modes Considering Uncertain Measurements. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 53(2):16866--16871, 2020. 21st IFAC World Congress. [ DOI ]
    [4] B. Morabito, A. Kienle, R. Findeisen, and L. Carius. Multi-mode model predictive control and estimation for uncertain biotechnological processes. In 12th IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, including Biosystems DYCOPS 2019, volume 52, pages 709 -- 714, July 2019. [ DOI | http ]
    [3] L. Carius, J. Pohlodek, B. Morabito, A. Franz, M. Mangold, R. Findeisen, and A. Kienle. Model-based state estimation utilizing a hybrid cybernetic model. In Advanced Control of Chemical Processes (AdChem), July 2018.
    [2] S. Lucia, L. Carius, and R. Findeisen. Adaptive nonlinear predictive control and estimation of microaerobic processes. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 50(1):12635 -- 12640, 2017. 20th IFAC World Congress. [ DOI | http ]
    [1] L. Carius and R. Findeisen. The impact of experimental data quality on computational systems biology and engineering. IFAC-PapersOnLine - Proceedings of the 6th Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering FOSBE, 49(26):140--146, 2016.

    Thesis and Student Projects

    Master Theses

    Supervisor of the following master theses:
    • Observer design for the online determination of polyhydroxybutyrate in Ralstonia eutropha (Johannes Pohlodek)
    • Developing an automated process control strategy for the optimal control of the Polyhydroxybutyrate production (Juliane Breuer)

    Bachelor Theses

    Supervisor of the following bachelor theses:
    • Evaluation of Metabolic Modeling Methods for the Design of Intelligent Process Control Strategies (Alexander Rose)
    • Evaluation of Advanced Model-based Methods for the continuous operation of bioreactor plants under microaerobic conditions (Lena Kranert)
    • Construction of a Gfp based in-vivo sensor which monitors the intracellular molecular oxygen (Claudia Bednarz)
    • Model-based development and optimization of a perfusion bioreactor control strategy to improve the production of photosynthetic membranes under microaerobic high cell denisity conditions (Sebastian Handt)
    • For Bachelor and Master Theses check the projects I am responsible for.
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