Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Control and Safe operation of Wind Energy Turbines

Wind turbines are having a larger and larger impact on energy politics all over the world. They also pose interesting challenges for engineers as they touch many different fields. At the Chair for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, we investigate how wind energy turbines can be made safer, more reliable, and more economical. One main tool for this is predictive control. Such algorithms can make operation of a wind energy turbine more efficient by taking into account a mathematical system model in an optimization scheme. In particular, scenario-based Model Predictive Control allows for using and switching between different modes of operation, to increase energy production or to run the plant in a safe operation mode. By taking into account uncertainties, production can be increased without at the same time risking wear and tear. If you are interested in working with predictive control in the field of wind energy turbines, please get in touch!

Topic Areas:

Control theory, Optimization, Parameter identification, Programming

Helpful/Required Prerequisites:

Lectures: Optimal Control
Experience with: Matlab
Language: German or English

Project start:

available now

Estimated time requirements:

Literature search: 10%
Theory: 40%
Simulations: 40%
Validation: 10%


Tobias Bäthge or Anton Savchenko
Please attach your CV and grades, if you are interested in this thesis.