Systems Theory and Automatic Control

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IFAC Conference Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering (FOSBE) 2016 in Magdeburg

August 2014

The bid of the OvGU Magdeburg with the Max Planck Institute for the organization of 6th IFAC Conference on the Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering (FOSBE) in 2016 succeeded at this years IFAC World Congress in Cape Town. The national organization committee is lead by Rolf Findeisen, Eric Bullinger and Steffen Waldherr. The FOSBE conference is a yearly international conference attracting between 200-300 participants from academia and industry. The conference is considered to be one of the main international conferences in the field of systems biology, systems medicine and biosystems engineering, with a main focus on the modeling, analysis and the control of biological and medical processes.


Prof. Rolf Findeisen
Tel.: 0391 67 18708
Jun.-Prof. Steffen Waldherr
Tel.: 0391 67 58948
Dr. Eric Bullinger
Tel.: 0391 67 18948

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