Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Systems and Control Seminar in the Summer Semester 2015

An Intuitive Algorithm for Control with Limited Communication and Processing Resources


Prof. Daniel Quevedo
Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Control and Automation Engineering
Universität Paderborn

Time and Place

The seminar talk takes place on May 26, 2015 at 5.00 p.m. in building 07, room 208 at Universitätsplatz 2.


In networked and embedded control systems, communication and computation resources are often shared, thereby limiting closed-loop performance. In particular, the implicit assumption traditionally made in control design about the processor being able to execute the desired control algorithm at any time and using perfect information, may break down. In the present talk, we will study an intuitive method for event-based single-loop control of nonlinear systems when communication resources and also processing availability for control are random.

Information about the Speaker

Daniel Quevedo was born in Lima, Perú, and brought up in Germany and Chile. In 2001 he moved to Australia to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Newcastle and was conferred the PhD degree in 2005. In 2008 he was awarded a five-year Australian Research Fellowship, which facilitated research on networked control systems. Since 2013, he has been leading an ABB research project on modular energy systems. Earlier this year, Prof. Quevedo moved back to Germany to take up a new role as Chair in Automatic Control at The University of Paderborn.

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