Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Cooperative contract based MPC for mobile robots

The aim of the thesis is the development of decentralized model predictive controllers utilizing contract-based MPC for multiple mobile robots. The robots should cooperatively transport an object to a given goal position. For this purpose both controllers exchange limited information only. Furthermode, the controllers do not have knowledge about the system models of the other entities. Rather, each system only shares specific coupling variables with the cooperating systems to express its predicted future behavior, which can be used to obtain safe mutual operation.

Topic Areas:

Robotics, Model Predictive Control, Decentralized Control, Cooperative Control

Helpful/Required Prerequisites:

Lectures: Systems Theory/ Control Engineering II, Optimal Control
Experience with: Matlab
Language: German or English

Project start:

As soon as possible

Estimated time requirements:

Literature search: 20%
Theory: 40%
Implementation: 40%


Svenja Fahlbusch or Janine Matschek
Please attach your CV and grades, if you are interested in this thesis.