Systems Theory and Automatic Control

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Topic Related Areas Supervisors Type
Unsupervised Classification Of A Mixture of Gaussian Process Regressors
Machine Learning Bruno Morabito, Johannes Pohlodek
Master's Thesis
Programming an Arduino for measuring the concentration of ethanol in the exhaust of a bioreactor
Programming, biosystems Johannes Pohlodek
Non-technical project/Student project
Machine Learning Supported Dual Model Predictive Control for Biosystems
Predictive control, machine learning, biosystems Bruno Morabito, Johannes Pohlodek
Master's thesis
Robot supported device calibration, estimation and verification of a sensor system for supporting the rehabilitation of patients with knee endo-prosthetics
Robotics, Estimation, Coordinate systems Janine Matschek,
Petar Andonov
Bachelor's/Master's thesis
State and parameter estimation of scanning quantum dot microscopy with moving horizon estimation
Estimation, Optimization, Microscopy, Nanotechnology Michael Maiworm
Master's thesis
Scheduling für MPC
Optimierung, Internet der Dinge, Smart Home Markus Kögel
Master's thesis
Low latency MPC
Optimierung, Ausgangsregelung, Internet der Dinge, Industrie 4.0 Markus Kögel
Master's thesis
Model-based process monitoring of the production of biopolymers in R. eutropha
Modelling, estimation, control of uncertain biotechnological processes Lisa Carius
Master's thesis
Trajectory generation for automated molecule manipulation
Modeling, Optimization, Nanotechnology Michael Maiworm
Bachelor's/Master's thesis
Implementation of an optimal control law for an inverted pendulum using Al'brekht's Method
Control, Optimization Christian Kallies,
Petar Andonov
Bachelor's thesis
MPC and real-time LIDAR onboard measurement technology for more comfortable Aircraft
Modeling, Predictive Control, Optimization Mohamed Ibrahim
Master's thesis
Robust Predictive Control for Discrete-Time Uncertain Lur'e Systems
Control Systems Theory, MPC, Nonlinear Systems, LMI Hoang Hai Nguyen
Master's thesis
Modelling and Control of a Robotic manipulator
Robotics, Modelling, Control theory Janine Matschek,
Petar Andonov
Bachelor's/Master's thesis
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