Systems Theory and Automatic Control

State and parameter estimation of scanning quantum dot microscopy with moving horizon estimation

The atomic force microscope (AFM) measures atomic forces on the nanometer scale and thereby enables highly accurate imaging of atomic structures (such as single molecules).

Within the scope of a collaboration with the Peter Grünberg Institut of the Jülich Research Center, we investigate and refine Scanning Quantum Dot Microscopy, a new microscopy technique that uses a single molecule as a sensor to measure the electric potential field of structures at nanometer scale.

This Master's thesis is intended to make a contribution towards the speed-up of this method. For that purpose, the student investigates how to employ moving horizon estimation (MHE) for the estimation of the system states and parameters.

Topic Areas:

Estimation, Optimization, Microscopy, Nanotechnology

Helpful/Required Prerequisites:

Lectures: State Estimation, Optimal Control
Experience with: Matlab
Language: German or English

Project Start:

As soon as possible

Estimated time requirements:

Literature search: 20%
Implementation: 50%
Validation: 30%


Michael Maiworm