Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Systems and Control Seminars for the winter semester 09/10

Global optimal feedbacks for quantized nonlinear event systems subject to information delays and losses


Oliver Junge
Zentrum Mathematik - M3
Wissenschaftliches Rechnen
Technische Universität München
85747 Garching bei München

Time and Place

The presentation takes place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009, 5 p.m. in building 07, room 208.


Recently, event-based control has attracted interest since its triggering scheme allows for better adaptation to the system's behavior. Particularly, in networked control systems this approach avoids unnecessary load of the communication channel when the system state does not change significantly. However, the treatment of additional delays and losses of the transmitted information, particularly for non-linear systems, is challenging. In this talk, we develop a theoretical framework for dealing with such problems including a stability result and illustrate our concept by a numerical example.

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Information about the Speaker

Diplom 95 University Hamburg
Promotion 99 University Paderborn (M. Dellnitz, "Mengenorientierte Methoden zur numerischen Analyse Dynamischer Systeme")
PostDoc 00/01 Georgia Tech
03 Caltech
Junior-Prof 03 University Paderborn
W2 05 TU München
Ruf auf Lehrstuhl 09 University Stuttgart, nicht realisiert

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