Systems Theory and Automatic Control

M.Sc. Juan Pablo Zometa

  Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant
  Institute for Automation Engineering (IFAT)
  Laboratory for Systems Theory and Automatic Control
  Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
  39106 Magdeburg - Germany






My main research interest is the implementation of online model predictive control (MPC) schemes for embedded applications. In particular, I work on MPC on embedded platforms controlling mechatronic systems.

I am the main developer of MPC code generation tool μAO-MPC.

Implementation of Nonlinear Model Predictive Path-Following Control for an Industrial Robot (submitted - IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology). Related information can be found here.

Efficient Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Embedded Systems Based on Second-order Cone Programs (to appear - ECC 2016).

Efficiency and Performance of Embedded Model Predictive Control for Active Vibration Attenuation (to appear - ECC 2016).

Predictive Control, Embedded Cyberphysical Systems and Systems of Systems - A Perspective (to appear - ARC 2016).

Efficient Stochastic Model Predictive Control based on Polynomial Chaos Expansions for Embedded Applications. (CDC 2015).

Predictive Control in the Era of Networked Control and Communication – a Perspective. (NMPC 2015).

Predictive Path-following Control: Concept and Implementation for an Industrial Robot (MSC 2013).

Modeling, Parameter Identification and Model-Based Control of a Robotic Manipulator (MSC 2013). Related information can be found here.

muAO-MPC: A Free Code Generation Tool for Embedded Real-Time Linear Model Predictive Control (ACC 2013 ). Related information can be found here.

On Tailored Model Predictive Control for Low Cost Embedded Systems with Memory and Computational Power Constraints - (technical report, .pdf)

Implementation Aspects of Model Predictive Control for Embedded Systems (ACC 2012). Related information can be found here.

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If you are interested in the implementation of linear or nonlinear controllers for fast mechatronic systems (robotics, embedded...) feel free to contact me. But before you do that, here are a few hints that may increase your chances of being considered as a candidate:
First check the list of projects I am responsible for.
If you find any of those projects interesting, then send me a short e-mail with the following information:
- a brief description of who you are: name, study program, time planned for developing the project,
- which project are you interested in,
- a clear statement of why you think you could succesfully complete the project, and to backup this claim attach the following two files as PDF:
-- A one-page curriculum vitae with the information that is relevant to the project (do not include hobbies or primary school info, for example).
-- A transcript of your grades from Bachelor and Master studies.

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μAO-MPC: A model predictive control software tool for linear time-invariant embedded applications.

KUKA LWR IV dynamic model library: a C/Python software library of the dynamic model of a KUKA Lightweight Robot IV (LWR IV).

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