Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Hybrid Discrete Event Systems


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Findeisen
Room G07-202
Tel: 0391 67 18708

Teaching assistants

Dr.-Ing. Anton Savchenko
Room G07-205
0391 67 52732

Bruno Morabito
Room G07-205
0391 67 58019

Content of the course:
Basic concepts of discrete Petri nets:
  • Mathematical formulation
  • Control interpretation
  • Time weighting concepts
  • Continuous Petri nets
Introduction of continuous tokens
  • Reachability analysis based on macro markings
  • Hybride Petri-Netze
Methodic guesses and formal descriptions
  • Switching
  • Reachability analysis
  • Modelling with a discrete automata
  • Modelling with a hybrid automata


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