Systems Theory and Automatic Control

M.Sc. Maik Pfefferkorn

Maik Pfefferkorn

Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant

Institute for Automation Engineering (IFAT)
Laboratory for Systems Theory and Automatic Control
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
39106 Magdeburg (Germany)


G07 - 209


(+49) 0391-67 52212


Research Interests

My research interests are focused on:

  • Machine Learning-supported (Model Predictive) Control (MPC)
  • Gaussian Processes (GPs) for Systems Modeling
  • Uncertainty Propagation and Safety Guarantees in GP-based MPC
  • Control of Scanning Quantum Dot Microscopy


Proceedings (peer reviewed)

[6] J. Bethge, M. Pfefferkorn, A. Rose, J. Peters, and R. Findeisen. Model predictive control with gaussian-process-supported dynamical constraints for autonomous In Proceedings of IFAC World Congress, 2023. accepted.
[5] P. Holzmann, J. Matschek, M. Pfefferkorn, and R. Findeisen. Learning secure corridors for model predictive path following control of autonomous systems in cluttered environments. In Proceedings of the European Control Conference (ECC), pages 1772--1777, 2022.
[4] H. H. Nguyen, M. Pfefferkorn, and R. Findeisen. High-probability stable Gaussian process-supported model predictive control for Lur’e systems. In Proceedings of European Control Conference (ECC), London, UK, 2022.
[3] M. Pfefferkorn, M. Maiworm, and R. Findeisen. Exact multiple-step predictions in Gaussian process-based model predictive control: Observations, possibilities, and challenges. In American Control Conference (ACC), pages 2829--2836, Atlanta, USA, 2022. IEEE.
[2] M. Pfefferkorn, P. Holzmann, J. Matschek, and R. Findeisen. Safe corridor learning for model predictive path following control. In Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Mathematics of Networks and Systems (MTNS), 2022. (accepted).
[1] M. Pfefferkorn, M. Maiworm, C. Wagner, F. S. Tautz, and R. Findeisen. Fusing online Gaussian process-based learning and control for scanning quantum dot microscopy. In 59th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), pages 5525--5531, Jeju Island, Korea, 2020. IEEE.


  • M. Pfefferkorn. Sparse Online Gaussian Process Regression for Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Control of Scanning Quantum Dot Microscopy. Master's thesis, Institute for Automation Engineering, University of Magdeburg. 2020.
  • M. Pfefferkorn. Bedeutung der Deubiquitinylase- und E3-Ligase-Aktivität von TNFAIP3 (A20) für die Helicobacter pylori-abhängige NF-κB-Aktivität. Bachelor's thesis, Institute for Experimental Internal Medicine, University of Magdeburg. 2018.

Teaching Activity


Student Projects

Supervisor or co-supervisor of the following student projects:
  • Formal Verification of a Robotic Arm using Hybrid Model Checking (M. Dittmer)
  • Iterative Model Improvement Learning Control for Robot Manipulators (M. Sekundo, M. Leinberger, L. Song, C. Hsu)

Thesis and Student Projects

If you are interested in doing your thesis on

  • Machine learning-supported (model predictive) control, or
  • Control of scanning quantum dot microscopy,

then contact me by e-mail giving the following information:

  • a brief description of who you are: name, study program, prerequisites
  • which project/topic you are interested in
  • time planned for developing the project/thesis


  • Since 06/2020: Regular fellow of the graduate program Mathematical Complexity Reduction, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

  • Since 03/2020: Ph.D. student and research assistant at the Chair for Systems Theory and Automatic Control (Prof. Rolf Findeisen), Institute for Automation Engineering, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

  • 01/2020: Master's degree (M.Sc.) in Biosystems Engineering from the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)

  • 05/2018: Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in Biosystems Engineering from the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany)
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