Systems Theory and Automatic Control

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Bäthge

Tobias Bäthge

Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant

Institute for Automation Engineering (IFAT)
Laboratory for Systems Theory and Automatic Control
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
39106 Magdeburg, Germany


G07 - 204


+49 391 - 67 57120


+49 391 - 67 41191


Research Interests

My research interests are focused on optimization-based control. In particular, I am interested in the following topics:

  • Modular, Hierarchical, and Contract-based Model Predictive Control
  • Path Following with Model Predictive Control
  • Robust Model Predictive Control

Current Projects and Collaborations

Other Projects

  • Wind turbine control, in the frame of the eco4wind project
  • Diesel engine control, for the reduction of emissions, with an industry partner (IAV GmbH)
  • Real-time, optimization-based Path Following Control for an Unmanned Helicopter (DLR Braunschweig)
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Publications (manual)

Book Chapters

  • [8] J. Matschek, T. Bäthge, T. Faulwasser, and R. Findeisen. Nonlinear Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking and Path Following: An Introduction and Perspective. In S. V. Raković and W. S. Levine (eds.), Handbook of Model Predictive Control, pages 169-198. Birkhäuser, Cham. 2018.

Conference Papers/Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

  • [7] S. Di Cairano, T. Bäthge, and R. Findeisen. Modular Design for Constrained Control of Actuator-Plant Cascades. In Proceedings of the IEEE American Control Conference (ACC), pages 1755-1760. Philadelphia, PA, USA. 2019. [.pdf]
  • [6] T. Bäthge, M. Kögel, S. Di Cairano, and R. Findeisen. Contract-based Predictive Control for Modularity in Hierarchical Systems. In Proceedings of the 6th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC), pages 598-603. Madison, WI, USA. 2018. [.pdf]
  • [5] T. Bäthge, S. Lucia, and R. Findeisen. Exploiting Models of Different Granularity in Robust Predictive Control. In Proceedings of the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), pages 2763-2768. Las Vegas, NV, USA. 2016. [.pdf]
  • [4] M. Maiworm, T. Bäthge, and R. Findeisen. Scenario-based Model Predictive Control: Recursive Feasibility and Stability. In Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes (ADCHEM), pages 50-56. Whistler, Canada. 2015. [.pdf]
  • [3] S. Streif, M. Kögel, T. Bäthge, and R. Findeisen. Robust nonlinear model predictive control with constraint satisfaction: A relaxation-based approach. In Proceedings of the 19th IFAC World Congress, pages 11073-11079. Cape Town, South Africa. 2014. [.pdf]


  • [2] T. Bäthge. Echtzeitfähige, optimierungsbasierte Pfadverfolgung für einen unbemannten Helikopter. Diploma thesis, Institute for Automation Engineering, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. 2011.
  • [1] T. Bäthge. Sliding Mode Control with Nonlinear Sliding Surfaces. Student thesis, Institute for Automation Engineering, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. 2010.
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Teaching Activity

Student consulting

Student consulting (Studienfachberatung) for the study course Systems Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics

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Thesis and Student Projects

If you are interested in doing your thesis on Robust Model Predictive Control, don't hesitate to contact me!

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I'm working as a Ph.D. student and research assistant in Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Findeisen's Group for Systems Theory and Automatic Control at the Institute for Automation Engineering, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

I received a diploma degree in Engineering Cybernetics from the University of Magdeburg in 2011, with a diploma thesis on "Real-time, Optimization-based Path Following Control for an Unmanned Helicopter". During my studies, I have spent internships at Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg, at German Aerospace Center in Braunschweig, and at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, MA. I'm a member of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Advanced Methods in Process and Systems Engineering Magdeburg.

In my spare time, I like playing baseball and I'm maintaining and developing TablePress, an open source WordPress plugin with more than 800,000 active installations.

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